Tackling Health Equity in Oncology

Videos — December 14, 2022


Bruce Feinberg, DO

Bruce Feinberg, DO

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Cardinal Health (Moderator)
Kent Locklear, MD

Kent Locklear, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Lightbeam Health
Kashyap Patel, MD

Kashyap Patel, MD

CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates
President of the Community Oncology Alliance

Health disparities across the US can negatively affect outcomes of cancer patients; 76% of oncologists agree. Yet, over 64% of oncologists said they could use more education on the topic.1 In this panel discussion, we will review the current state challenges in achieving health equity in oncology, the expected benefits and impacts on patient outcomes, and how technology can help providers more fully understand their patients to deliver more equitable cancer care.


  • Discuss the current state problem and vision for health equity in oncology
  • Examine the challenges of addressing health equity
  • Review the benefits of health equity on patient outcomes, access to care, and financial impact in oncology
  • Understand working solutions to help oncology physician practices deliver more equitable healthcare to cancer patients


  1. Cardinal Health Summit Research, Fall 2022

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