Florida Cancer Network Adds Web-Based Treatment Tool to Address Quality, Cost Issues

June 2011, Vol 2, No 3

The Florida Comprehensive Care Network (FCCN), a statewide network of medical and radiation oncologists providing comprehensive, evidence-based care to patients with cancer, has signed an agreement with ITA Partners that allows FCCN to use ITA’s oncology decision-support platform (called eviti) across its network of oncologists.

Using a web-based platform will provide FCCN’s oncologists evidencebased treatment options for each patient, in real-time, at the point of prescribing.

This “is an ideal platform for our business model. Our physicians are committed to providing treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective. eviti gives them access to all evidence-based options at the point of care, allowing them to more efficiently make informed and effective treatment plan decisions that align with the patient’s insurance plan language,” said Craig Deligdish, MD, Chief Medical Officer, FCCN and VBCC board member.

“Our common goal of appropriate, cost-effective treatment for every patient makes the ITA-FCCN partnership valuable to patients, providers, and payers. eviti will help break down information barriers, assuring that each patient is prescribed evidence-based care,” said Eduardo Beruff, ITA President and Chief Executive Officer.

eviti is the first independent, fully integrated solution that addresses not only the quality but also the cost concerns of patients with cancer, oncologists, and payers in any treatment setting.

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