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AVBCC is delighted to announce that Scott Gottlieb, MD, former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, will be the keynote speaker at the 2019 AVBCC Summit on Thursday, October 17, in New York City. He will share insights he has gained over his long career at the forefront of healthcare change with the AVBCC Summit attendees.
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The Mission of the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care
Program Chair, Burt Zweigenhaft, describes the main mission of the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care.
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AVBCC Essential for Quality Practices
Vicki Kennedy supports the position that professional associations are essential to quality practices. The Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) has been critical in advancing the discussion and solutions surrounding value-based care.
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AVBCC Supports Collaboration
Gary Owens emphasizes the importance of AVBCC as the only organization that brings together all the different stakeholders in oncology care—payers, care providers, drug developers, investment community, government agency reps, and employers.
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Leveraging Professional Membership to Improve Patient Care
Membership in organizations such as ASCO, AVBCC, COA, and ACCC allows clinicians to have a voice in policy and legislation that directly affects our patients, says Dr. Bosserman.
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