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Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) is the fastest growing national specialty organization dedicated to improving the care of cancer patients and their quality of life, by discussing, considering, and evaluating the value equation as it relates to new and existing cancer therapies. This organization, which currently consists of over 450 members, was established to provide a network for payers and oncology healthcare professionals to interact and network in order to promote optimal care for patients and their families.


The mission of AVBCC is to provide a forum for payers, providers, and the entire oncology team to consider and evaluate the cost-value issues particular to cancer treatments and its impact on patient care and outcomes. This unique focus is achieved through discussions and collaborations with those involved in evaluating therapies, treating patients, and paying for care.


The vision of AVBCC is to provide a unique forum for all stakeholders to discuss, consider, and evaluate the cost-value issues particular to new cancer therapies, as it relates to all cancer patients so they may benefit with optimal outcomes.

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