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2022 AVBCC Summit

October 19-21, 2022

New York Athletic Club, New York, NY

  • The Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) will once again be meeting in person at the New York Athletic Club. The live event will be invitation-only, limiting the number of guests to follow safety guidelines. There will be a virtual simulcast of the entire Summit for those who cannot join us in New York.

    The One Conference That Covers It All

    Join us for this exclusive invitational forum that provides invaluable time with more than 200 diverse experts representing every stakeholder of the cancer care ecosystem. Nearly 100% of attendees agreed the content, topics, sessions, and information were relevant and up-to-date.

    Top Reasons to Participate in the 2022 Summit

    • LEARN to stay competitive in the ever-changing field of oncology.
    • EXPLORE cutting-edge methodologies you can implement in your company or institution immediately.
    • ACCESS timely and accurate information from sources you can rely on.
    • GAIN insights from a diverse range of practitioners, pharmacists, payers, policymakers, and other key stakeholders.
    • NETWORK with nationally recognized thought leaders.


    Please Note:
    The live event is available on a first come, first served basis due to limited capacity. Sponsors will be guaranteed the opportunity to attend live. The general public is encouraged to request an invite to join and will be notified when accepted.

    In alignment with the New York Athletic Club, live attendees will be required to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. If you are traveling to the conference from out of state, please be prepared to show proof of vaccination. For questions and concerns, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    The AVBCC Summit continues to empower all oncology care professionals to maximize value in cancer care by focusing on clinical, cost, and access issues. Secure your seat at the table today!

  • Take a look at the exciting lineup for the 2022 Summit! Sessions feature experts and respected faculty from across the field. This is a must-attend event for all stakeholders in the cancer-care value equation. Secure your spot today!

    • Wednesday, October 19
      7:45am - 8:00am

      Orchestrating Optimal Change Through Value-Based Agreements - Welcome

      8:00am - 8:30am

      Value-Based Agreements: State of the Market Report

      8:30am - 9:15am

      Headwinds and Tailwinds Ahead for Value-Based Agreements

      9:15am - 10:00am

      Transitioning from Volume-Based Discounts to Value-Based Agreements

      10:00am - 10:45am

      The Practical Framework for Value-Based Agreements

      10:45am - 11:30am

      Gene Therapy Value-Based Purchasing and the Impact of Medicaid Best Price Changes

      11:30am - 12:15pm

      Value-Based Agreement Models

      Pharma Value-Based Programs: What Worked, Failed and Is the Future

      12:15pm - 1:30pm

      Lunch Keynote

      1:30pm - 2:30pm

      Data and the Future Requirements to Operationalize and Support Value-Based Agreements

      Legal and Regulatory Issues

      2:30pm - 3:30pm

      CMS: The Regulator Point of View

      Creating Collaborative Partnerships: Stakeholder Perspectives

      3:30pm - 4:15pm

      The Value-Based Agreement Roadmap from Strategy to Design Through Implementation

      Understanding the Economics of the Oncology Drug Pricing Ecosystem

      4:15pm - 5:00pm

      Summarizing Business Case for Pharma Participation in Triangulated Value-Based Agreements

    • Thursday, October 20
      7:00am - 7:15am

      Opening Comments

      7:15am - 8:15am

      Near-Term Oncology Drug Trend and Pipeline Review

      8:15am - 9:00am

      Economic Trends and Forecast in Cancer Care

      9:00am - 9:45am

      Bundled Payments in Cancer Care: Surgery and Beyond

      9:00am - 9:40am

      Washington Legislation and Policy Impacts

      9:45am - 10:00am

      Integra Connect Results Report on OCM

      10:00am - 11:00am

      Lessons Learned from OCM That Should Be Incorporated into EOM and Future Cancer Care Models

      10:45am - 11:40am

      Selling the Cell – Cost-Benefit Considerations for Complex Therapeutics

      11:00am - 11:45am

      Community Cancer Care and Its Future Path Ahead

      Telehealth/Digital Health Tools in Cancer Care

      11:45am - 12:30pm

      What Is the Role of Centers of Excellence?


      11:45am - 12:40pm

      Employers’ Positions on Cancer Care

      12:30pm - 1:00pm

      Lunch Panel

      1:00pm - 1:15pm

      Off Broadway: We Must Do Better

      1:15pm - 1:45pm

      Supporting Patients: We Must Do Better

      1:45pm - 2:30pm

      Payers’ Initiatives: Future Impact on Cancer Care

      340B Program: Current State and Outcomes

      2:30pm - 3:15pm

      Addressing the Current PBM Models and Impact on Value-Based Care

      340B Programs: A Look at Solutions

      3:15pm - 4:00pm

      Pharmaceutical Industry Role in Value-Based Agreements

      Precision Medicine’s Role and Impact on Value-Based Agreements

      4:00pm - 4:45pm

      Future Models of Precision Medicine

      Disparities and the Impact on Cancer Care

      4:45pm - 5:30pm

      Unified Leadership Efforts to Address and Shape the Future of Cancer Care

      5:30pm - 6:15pm

      Cancer Research and the Road Ahead

      6:15pm - 9:00pm

      Swim Across America Reception

    • Friday, October 21
      7:00am - 8:00am

      Radiation Oncology: Under Clinical Pathways, Transparency, and with Risk Share

      The Business Path: From Innovation to Market Access

      FTC Launces Investigation into PBMs


      8:00am - 9:00am

      Wall Street and Capital Markets and the Impact on Cancer Care

      Drug Pricing and Transformation Realities and Implications on the Road Ahead

      Leadership for Navigation: How Leadership Promotes Values of Navigation for Sustainability

      New Site of Cancer Care Models

      9:00am - 10:00am


      Oncology Drug Benefit Designs and Pricing Realities Now and Tomorrow

      Out of Pocket Out of Time: Evolving to Address Financial Toxicity and Designing for the Future

      Why Wall Street Is Interested in Investing in Cancer Care

      10:00am - 11:00am

      New Patient-Centric Cancer Care Models

      Oncology Drug Supply Channels and the Move to Smart Networks and Supporting Value-Based Agreements

      Wall Street and Capital Markets and the Influence on Cancer Care

      Revenue Cycle Management System and Ability to Manage Value-Based Agreements

      11:00am - 12:00pm

      Telehealth/Digital Health and Integration into Care Management

      Medically Integrated Pharmacy and Future Models of Integration

      Practice Transformation Through Value-Based Analytics

      Technology Transfer for Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy: Will These Advances Be Provided by Community Hospital Cancer Programs?

      12:00pm - 12:30pm


      12:30pm - 1:15pm

      Fireside Chat with Scott Gottlieb

      1:15pm - 2:00pm

      Industry Perspectives on Cancer Care

      The Evolving Role of Social Determinants of Health in Value-Based Care Goals

      2:00pm - 3:00pm

      Advocacy and Emerging Roles in Cancer Care

      Payer and Provider Innovative Value-Based Agreement

      AI and ML Decision Support Models

      Drug/Biologic Development: To Market; To Out-License; To Be Acquired

      3:00pm - 3:45pm

      Disruption or Progress? The 5 Top Things We Must Address to Improve the Future of Cancer Care

    *Agenda subject to change.

  • 2021 Summit Faculty

      • Murray Aitken, MBA
      • Executive Director
      • IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science
      • Cheryl Allen, PharmD
      • Executive VP
      • Industry Relations & Business Development
      • Asembia
      • Deanna Angello
      • Senior Director
      • Oncology Franchise Strategy & Key Accounts
      • Janssen Oncology
      • Peter Bach, MD, MPP
      • Director
      • Center for Health Policy and Outcomes
      • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      • Robert Baird, RN, MSA
      • President
      • National Cancer Treatment Alliance
      • Ray Bailey, BSPharm, RPh
      • Pharmacy Director
      • Florida Cancer Specialists
      • Carla Balch, AA, BPS, MS
      • CEO & Founder
      • Spesana
      • Jane Barlow, MD, MPH, MBA
      • Chief Clinical Officer
      • Real Endpoints
      • Ankita Batla, MBA, MBBS
      • Chief Medical Officer Lead
      • Health Insights and Patient Partnerships
      • VMLY&Rx
      • Al Benson, MD
      • Professor of Medicine
      • Lurie Cancer Center Northwestern University
      • Past Chair
      • NCCN
      • Jeff Berkowitz, JD
      • CEO
      • Real Endpoints
      • Barbara Bierer, MD
      • Faculty Director
      • Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center
      • Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard
      • David Billiter
      • CEO
      • Deep Lens
      • Sibel Blau, MD
      • President & CEO
      • Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network
      • Medical Director
      • Northwest Medical Specialties
      • Mara Bloom, JD, MS
      • VP
      • Massachusetts General Hospital
      • Jeffrey Bockman, PhD
      • Executive VP
      • Oncology Practice Head
      • Cello Health BioConsulting
      • Brian Bourbeau
      • Associate Director
      • Business Metrics and Analysis
      • ASCO
      • Joel Brill, MD, FACP, AGAF, FASGE, FACG
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Predictive Health
      • Lili Brillstein, MPH
      • CEO
      • BCollaborative
      • Oren Cahlon, MD
      • Deputy Physician-in-Chief
      • Strategic Partnerships
      • Vice Chair
      • Department of Radiation Oncology
      • Robert Carlson, MD
      • CEO
      • National Comprehensive Cancer Network
      • Arpit Chhabra, MD
      • Director
      • Education & Radiation Oncologist
      • New York Proton Center
      • Nancy Corbitt, BSN, RN, OCN, CRNI
      • Oncology Nurse Navigator
      • University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center
      • John Cox, DO, MBA, FASCO, FACP
      • Medical Director
      • Oncology Services
      • Parkland Hospital
      • Louis Culot, MLA
      • General Manager
      • Genomics and Oncology Informatics
      • Phillips
      • Monica Dean, HON-OPN-CG
      • Director
      • Patient Navigation Program Development
      • The Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators
      • Erin Denholm, RN, MSN, RWJENF
      • President
      • Clinical Operations
      • DispatchHealth
      • Joe DePinto
      • Chief Commercial Officer
      • Vineti
      • Michael Diaz, MD
      • Assistant Managing Physician & VP
      • Florida Cancer Specialists
      • Ron DiGiaimo, MBA, FACHE
      • Chairman of the Board
      • Revenue Cycle Coding, RCBIlling, The Oncology Group
      • Melissa Dillmon, MD, FASCO
      • Hematologist/Oncologist
      • Harbin Clinical Medical Oncology Rome
      • Rafael Dodo
      • Manager
      • Upstream Partners
      • Christian Downs, MHA, JD
      • Executive Director
      • Association of Community Cancer Centers
      • Jesse Dresser, Esq.
      • Partner
      • Frier Levitt, LLC
      • Dan Duran
      • SVP & GM
      • Provider Solutions
      • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
      • Andrea Dwyer, BS
      • Program Director
      • Colorado Cancer Screening Program
      • Sarah Emond, MPP
      • Executive VP
      • Chief Operating Officer
      • ICER
      • Randy Falkenrath, MBA
      • President
      • Specialty Solutions
      • Onco360
      • Jonathan Fassberg
      • Vice Chairman
      • Healthcare Investment Banking
      • Oppenheimer & Co, Inc.
      • Bruce Feinberg, DO
      • VP
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
      • Nick Ferreyros
      • Director
      • Communications
      • Community Oncology Alliance
      • Lyn Fitzgerald
      • VP
      • Oncology Sales
      • Ontada
      • Lee Fleisher, MD
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
      • Scott Freeswick, MS, PharmD
      • VP
      • CPO
      • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      • Richard Ford, MBA, FMLI, SICS
      • VP
      • Market Access
      • TrialCard
      • John Fox, MD
      • Medical Director
      • Managed Care
      • OneOncology
      • Former Associate Chief Medical Officer
      • Kelly Franchetti, RN, CCRN, CEN
      • Senior VP
      • Global Head Patient Insights & Strategy
      • YPrime
      • Elizabeth Franklin, MSW, PhD
      • President
      • Cancer Support Community
      • John Frownfelter, MD
      • CMIO
      • Jvion
      • Nash Gabrail, MD
      • President
      • Gabrail Cancer Center
      • Ajeet Gajra, MD, MBBS, FACP
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
      • Bo Gamble
      • Director
      • Strategic Practice Initiatives
      • Community Oncology Alliance
      • Marianne Gandee
      • Senior Director
      • Team Lead
      • Advocacy and Professional Relations
      • Pfizer Oncology
      • Robyn Gartrell, MD, MS
      • Assistant Professor
      • Pediatrics
      • Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
      • Columbia University Irving Medical Center
      • Emily Gentry, BSN, RN, HOH-ONN-CG, OCN
      • Senior Director
      • Education and Program Development
      • The Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators
      • Sharon Gentry, MSN, RN, HON-ONN-CG, AOCN, CBCN
      • Program Director
      • Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators
      • Rose Gerber
      • Director of Patient Advocacy & Education
      • Patient Advocacy Network
      • Community Oncology Alliance
      • Tammy Glover, RN, MSN, CRNI, OCN
      • Nurse Manager PHIT
      • PA at Penn at Home
      • Brian Gockerman
      • Managing Director
      • Unlimited Systems
      • Bob Gold
      • Chief Behavioral Technologist
      • CEO
      • GoMo Health
      • Patricia Goldsmith
      • CEO
      • CancerCare
      • Lucio Gordan, MD
      • President
      • Florida Cancer Specialists
      • Scott Gottlieb, MD
      • Former Commissioner
      • FDA
      • Stephen Grubbs, MD, FASCO
      • VP
      • Clinical Affairs
      • American Society of Clinical Oncology
      • Christine Hall
      • VP
      • Revenue Cycle
      • American Oncology Network, LLC
      • James Hamrick, MD, MPH
      • Senior Medical Director
      • Clinical Oncology
      • Flatiron Health
      • Tara Henderson, MD, MPH
      • Professor of Pediatrics
      • Director of Cancer Survivorship
      • Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control
      • University of Chicago
      • John Hennessy, MBA
      • Senior VP
      • Strategist
      • Valuate Health Consultancy
      • Mark Hiatt, MD
      • VP
      • Guardant Health
      • Jamie Holloway, PhD
      • Senior Director
      • Molecular Science Liaison
      • Caris Life Science
      • Clifford Hudis, MD
      • CEO
      • American Society of Clinical Oncology
      • Ann Mond Johnson
      • CEO
      • American Telehealth Association [ATA]
      • Kjel Johnson, PharmD
      • VP
      • Specialty Strategy and Client Solutions
      • CVS Health
      • Jordan Johnson, MSHA, iMPaCT
      • Chief Innovation Officer
      • Oncospark
      • Atheer Kaddis, PharmD
      • VP
      • Pharmacy Services
      • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
      • Mostafa Kamal
      • CEO
      • Magellan Rx Management
      • Deborah Kamin, RN, PhD
      • VP
      • Policy & Advocacy
      • American Society of Clinical Oncology
      • Vivek Kavadi, MD, FASTRO
      • Chief Radiation Oncologist
      • The US Oncology Network
      • Arif Khan
      • VP
      • Pharmacy Services
      • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
      • Jonathan Kish, PhD, MPH
      • Senior Director
      • Real World Data & Real World Evidence
      • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
      • Ira Klein, MD, MBA, FACP
      • VP
      • Payor Relations
      • Tempus
      • Michael Kolodziej, MD
      • Senior Advisor
      • ADVI Health
      • Scott Kornhauser
      • CEO
      • KlearTrust
      • Tim Kubal, MBA, MD
      • Senior Medical Director
      • Moffitt Cancer Center
      • Cheryl Larson
      • President
      • CEO
      • Midwest Business Group on Health [MBGH]
      • Al Lawson, PhD
      • VP
      • Radiation Oncology Services
      • Tennessee Oncology
      • Harlan Levine, MD
      • President
      • Strategy and Business Ventures
      • City of Hope
      • Jonathan Levitt, Esq.
      • Co-Founding Partner
      • Frier Levitt, LLC
      • Lewis Levy, MD, FACP
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Teladoc Health, Inc.
      • Doug Long
      • VP
      • Industry Relations
      • IQVIA
      • Roger Longman
      • Founder
      • Chairman
      • Real Endpoints
      • Join Luh, MD, FACP
      • Radiation Oncologist
      • Providence Health
      • Ross Maclean, MD
      • EVP
      • Head of Medical Affairs
      • Precision Value & Health
      • Ameet Malik, MS, MBA
      • CEO
      • Member of the Board of Directors
      • Rafael Holdings, LLC
      • Christopher Marcum, PharmD
      • VP
      • Enterprise Pharmacy
      • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
      • Maurie Markman, MD
      • President
      • Medicine & Science
      • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
      • Barbara McAneny, MD, MACP, FASCO
      • CEO
      • New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants
      • Sean McBride, MD, MPH
      • Radiation Oncologist
      • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      • Stacey McCullough, PharmD,
      • Senior VP
      • Tennessee Oncology, LLC
      • William McGivney, PhD
      • Managing Principal
      • McGivney Global Advisors
      • Sean McGowan
      • Senior Director
      • Biosimilars
      • AmerisourceBergen
      • David Memel, MD, MS, MBA
      • VP
      • Specialty Physician Office GPOs
      • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
      • Jennifer Mills, MD, PhD, MPH
      • VP, Patient and Professional Partnerships
      • Foundation Medicine
      • Edith Mitchell, MD, MACP, FCPP, FRCP
      • Clinical Professor, Medicine and Medical Oncology
      • Department of Medical Oncology
      • Director
      • Center to Eliminate Cancer Disparities
      • Associate Director, Diversity Affairs
      • Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson
      • 116th President
      • National Medical Association
      • Member
      • President's Cancer Panel
      • Bhavesh Modi, RPh
      • VP
      • Pharmacy
      • Healthfirst
      • Kathi Mooney, PhD, RN, FAAN
      • Louis S. Peery and Janet B. Peery Presidential Endowed Chair in Nursing
      • The University of Utah
      • Heather Morel, PhD
      • SVP & President
      • Provider Solutions
      • McKesson
      • Lee Newcomer, MD
      • Former Senior VP
      • UnitedHealth Group
      • John O'Brien, PharmD, MPH
      • President & CEO
      • National Pharmaceutical Council
      • Former Senior Advisor to Secretary
      • US Department of Health and Human Sciences
      • Rob O'Brien, RPh
      • VP
      • Specialty
      • Real Endpoints
      • Josh Ofman, MD, MSHS
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • External Affairs
      • GRAIL, Inc.
      • Ted Okon, MBA
      • Executive Director
      • Community Oncology Alliance
      • Jeff Patton, MD
      • CEO
      • OneOncology
      • Executive Chairman of the Board
      • Tennessee Oncology
      • Blasine Penkowski
      • Chief Strategic Customer Officer
      • Janssen
      • Steve Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP
      • Executive Medical Director
      • Population Health and Transformation
      • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
      • Jacob Philip
      • Founder
      • MedLever
      • Annette Powers, PharmD, MBA
      • VP
      • Bristol Myers Squibb
      • Bruce Pyenson, FSA, MAAA
      • Principal
      • Milliman
      • Ammar Qadan
      • VP & Global Head
      • Illumina
      • Brian Ragan, PharmD, BCPS
      • Director
      • Value-Based Contracting
      • Humana
      • Susan Raiola
      • President
      • Chevon Rariy, MD
      • National Director
      • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
      • Michael Reff, RPh, MBA
      • Founder & Executive Director
      • Kent Rogers, MBA
      • Chief Customer Officer
      • Former SVP Industry Relations
      • OptumRx
      • Magda Rusinowski
      • VP
      • Barry Russo
      • CEO
      • Sam Salman
      • Chairman
      • miR Scientific, LLC
      • Erin Satterwhite
      • Founder
      • Optum Frontier
      • Charles Saunders, MD
      • CEO
      • Integra Connect
      • Patrick Schmidt
      • CEO
      • FFF Enterprises
      • Lee Schwartzberg, MD
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • OneOncology
      • Jeffrey Scott, MD
      • President
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Integra Connect
      • Bhavesh Shah, RPh, BCOP
      • Director
      • Specialty Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy
      • Boston Medical Center
      • Nirav Shah, MBA
      • VP
      • Revenue Cycle Management
      • Flatiron Health
      • Iuliana Shapira, MD
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Regional Cancer Care Associates
      • Jennifer Sherak
      • SVP & President
      • Specialty Physician Services
      • AmerisourceBergen
      • Michael Sherman, MD, MBA
      • Executive VP
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Point32Health
      • Gregory Simon, JD
      • Former President
      • Biden Cancer Initiative
      • Matthew Skelton, MD
      • Physician
      • The US Oncology Network
      • Jayson Slotnik, JD, MPH
      • Managing Partner
      • Health Policy Strategies
      • Megan Solinger, MHS, MA, OPN-CG
      • Director
      • Service & Care Delivery
      • Ulman Foundation
      • Neeraj Sood, PhD
      • Vice Dean
      • Faculty Affairs and Research
      • USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
      • Tyrone Squires, MBA, CPBS
      • Managing Director
      • TransparentRx
      • James Startare, MBA
      • VP, Benefits
      • Aramark
      • Charles Stevens, JD, MBA
      • Chief Operating Officer
      • COPILOT
      • Lara Strawbridge, MPH
      • Director
      • Division of Ambulatory Payment Models
      • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
      • Connie Sullivan, BSPharm
      • President
      • CEO
      • National Home Infusion Association
      • Art Taft, MBA, MEng
      • Managing Director
      • Medworks Consulting, LLC
      • Tolga Tanguler, MBA
      • Chief Commercial Officer
      • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
      • Michael Valenta
      • AVP
      • Oncology Organized Customer, Access & Reimbursement
      • Merck
      • Amy Valley, PharmD
      • VP
      • Clinical Strategy and Technology Solutions
      • Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
      • Seema Verma, MPH
      • Former Administrator
      • Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services
      • Nathan Walcker, MBA
      • CEO
      • Florida Cancer Specialists
      • Lalan Wilfong, MD
      • VP
      • Payer Relations and Practice Transformation
      • McKesson
      • Linde Wilson, MBA
      • Managing Partner
      • Upstream Partners
      • Founder
      • Alliance for Innovation in Integrated Healthcare
      • Burt Zweigenhaft, PhD, DLitt.
      • Co-Founder
      • Association for Value-Based Cancer Care
  • Location

    New York Athletic Club
    180 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019


    Please Note: There are no lodging accommodations at the New York Athletic Club. AVBCC does not have group rates at the hotels listed above. Rates are subject to change on a daily basis.

    Transit Information


    • W – N – Q – W
    • A, C, or 1 train to 59th Street – Columbus Circle


    • 57 Street Subway Station (7th Avenue & 57th Street)


    • GMC: 200 Central Park South (59th Street & 7th Avenue)
    • Icon Parking System: 125 West 58th Street (58th Street & 7th Avenue)
    • Icon Parking System: 157 West 57th Street (57th Street & 7th Avenue)

    Dress Code


    • Business attire; jackets and ties are not required in most areas.
    • Slacks or khakis are permitted with collared dress shirts, which must be tucked in at all times.
    • Jackets and ties are required in the Main Dining Room and Cocktail Lounge.


    • Suits, dresses, sweaters, blouses, skirts, and tailored pants are permitted.
    • Halter tops, leggings, and clothing that reveals midriffs remain prohibited.

    NOT PERMITTED (Men & Women)

    • Sneakers, athletic shoes, flip-flops, clogs, and canvas boating shoes.
    • Jeans and other denim wear, shorts, T-shirts, and athletic wear.

    Mobile Voice and Data Policy

    Mobile phones and devices are prohibited in all facilities of the Club except guest rooms, enclosed phone booths, and the Lobby Communication Center. This includes speaking on a cell phone, e-mailing, texting, games, reading, and Internet browsing on a mobile device. Conference attendees may use their device in the conference meeting space.

  • How to Sponsor the 2022 AVBCC Summit

    Sponsoring the AVBCC annual summit will provide you with the opportunity to identify qualified leads on the spot, build and develop business relationships, and have unprecedented networking opportunities.

    If you are interested in sponsoring the 2022 AVBCC Summit, please click the button below and submit an application by completing the form. Thank you.

    AVBCC Summit Sponsorship Application

    Who Should Sponsor?

    All Stakeholders in the Cancer Care Ecosystem

    • Oncologists and Hematologists
    • Nurses
    • Oncology Nurse Navigators
    • Pathologists and Geneticists
    • Pharmacists, Practice Administrators
    • Practice Managers
    • Patient Advocacy Organizations
    • Managed Care Organizations
    • Insurance Companies
    • Third-Party Payers
    • Integrated Health Delivery Systems
    • Cancer Centers of Excellence
    • Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors
    • Investors, Pharmaceutical and Biotech

    Reasons Your Company Should Sponsor

    • Meet with decision makers from leading oncology institutions and payer organizations
    • Demonstrate innovative products and services
    • Position your company as an industry leader
    • Gain exposure to strategic decision makers
    • Expand business opportunities with existing customers
    • Establish strategic partnerships
  • 2022 AVBCC Summit FAQs

    When and where will the 2022 AVBCC Summit take place?

    The 2022 AVBCC Summit will take place on October 19-21, 2022 in person at the New York Athletic Club (NYAC) in New York, NY, with a virtual simulcast.

    Are health and safety practices in place at the venue?

    In keeping with the New York State guidelines, NYAC and the Summit organizers will be limiting the capacity of in-person attendance. Attendees will be asked to wear masks in public spaces and observe social distancing.

    Where can I find the schedule of events?

    The Summit organizers are working on planning a robust agenda, including keynotes, and general and breakout sessions. An announcement will be made when the full agenda is available. Please stay tuned.

    How much does it cost to attend the Summit?

    The price for the Summit is $699 for the in-person event and $399 for the virtual pass.

    How can I register for the Summit?

    The in-person event in NYAC is on a first come, first served basis due to limited capacity per state guidelines. To register for the Summit, please visit the Overview tab to request your invite.

    When will I receive my Summit invite?

    The Summit organizers will begin responding to invite requests on Friday, July 29, 2022.

    How can I sponsor the Summit?

    If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please complete the sponsor information form on the Sponsors tab.

    How can I receive Summit updates?

    AVBCC will send e-mails periodically to update you on the agenda, event happenings, logistics and newsletters. Please make sure that the e-mail address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., is in your safe senders list to ensure you are receiving all important information.

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