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Personalizing Cancer Treatment Based on a Unique Genetic Profile



I think in many ways research is ahead of where the clinician and the patients are, at this point. A large part of what we need to do at Foundation Medicine is educate the physician, and the patients, that a test like ours is available, today, to give them a full information about their DNA, and what drives the cancer.

Most oncologists think this is something that's that’s going to happen down the road, but the research has gotten to the point, now, where a test like ours is available, today. In many ways, the research is ahead of where the clinician and the patients are.

We still have a long ways to go. ; For for instance, trying to find out how genes and alterations interact with each other to drive cancer, rather than just finding them individually.

At Foundation Medicine, we're we’re leading that field by closing what we call the clinical genomic loop, coordinating clinical information along with the alterations that we find, so we really can get a complete picture of how the DNA changes are affecting the cancer.

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