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Onivyde (Irinotecan Liposome Injection) a New Treatment Option for Patients with Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
New Survey: Physicians Are Not Addressing Financial Distress in Patients with Multiple Myeloma
A New Paradigm for Survivorship Care: Assessing the Patient’s Priorities
Regular Aspirin Use Reduces the Risk for Prostate Cancer Death
Increased Physical Activity May Help Extend Survival After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Myeloablative Conditioning Remains Standard of Care in Patients with Myelodysplastic Sydrome
Rituximab Boosts Chemotherapy Benefit in Patients with B-Cell Precursor ALL
Pembrolizumab Shows Promise in Multiple Myeloma
Big Data in Cancer Care: Limitations of Drug Claims
Clinical Advances with Targeted Therapies for CLL Also Carry High Economic Burden
First-in-Human CAR T-Cell Trial Demonstrates Activity in Multiple Myeloma
Inotuzumab Ozogamicin Shows Promise in Older Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Biomarker Panel May Aid Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
Liquid Biopsy Characterizing Circulating Tumor Cells Can Aid Treatment Selection in Prostate Cancer
In the Literature – March 2016
FDA News – March 2016
Atezolizumab, a PD-L1 Inhibitor, Shows Impressive Results in Metastatic Urothelial Cancer
A 3-Drug Regimen the Preferred Approach in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma
New Biosimilar Demonstrates Equivalence and Noninferiority to Pegfilgrastim
Anthem’s Response to Survivorship Medicine: Reimbursement Based on Care Coordination and Patient Outcomes
The NCCN Evidence Blocks and Clinical Practice Guidelines: Identifying Truth
Value-Based Care Must Be Linked to Improved Clinical Outcomes
Venetoclax Shows Strong Activity in CLL
CAR T-Cell Therapy Highly Active in Various Lymphomas
Checkpoint Inhibitors in Lymphoma: A New Universe
Immunotherapy with Blinatumomab Prolongs Survival in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Ibrutinib a New Standard of Care for Elderly Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Idelalisib Improves Survival When Added to Bendamustine plus Rituximab in Patients with CLL
Nilotinib Yields Better Rates of Molecular Response Than Imatinib in Frontline Setting
Daratumumab Improves Overall Survival in Multiple Myeloma
Consistent Benefit Over Time in Elotuzumab Studies
All-Oral Regimen May Become a New Standard of Care in Advanced Multiple Myeloma
Measuring Value in Healthcare to Improve Quality
Redesigning the Payment Model for Acute Leukemia: Benefits and Challenges of the Episode-of-Care Model
Value-Based Purchasing: Implications for Hematology
The Hematologic Drug Pipeline: Exciting New Treatment Options Looming
Clinical Pathways and the Oncology Medical Home: First Steps to Value-Based Patient Care
Midostaurin the First Targeted Therapy to Improve Survival in AML: Potentially Practice-Changing
Multiple Myeloma Therapy in 2015: “An Extraordinary Moment in Oncology”
FDA News – December 2015
Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) First PD-1 Inhibitor Approved for the Treatment of Patients with Metastatic Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer Expressing PD-L1
Two Studies Point to Inadequate Evidence Supporting Many FDA Drug Approvals
Getting to Value-Based Cancer Care in the ’Omics Era Requires Data Integration
Promising Locoregional Therapies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Metastatic CRC
Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Breast Cancer Survivors
Addressing Fertility Issues in Patients with Breast Cancer
Aprepitant Reduces Cough Severity in Patients with Lung Cancer
Teamwork Improves End-of-Life Care, Saves Money
Value-Based Strategies for Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Urine Biopsies Detect Early Mutations in Patients with Advanced Cancers
Personalized Medicine a Vital Aspect of Palliative Care
ASCO/AAHPM Guidance Statement Could Standardize Palliative Care in Oncology
Oncology News – December 2015
Oncology Medical Home Shows Significant Cost-Savings, Improved Care Delivery
Genomic Test Supports Treatment Decisions in Prostate Cancer
Family Patient-Related Factors Main Barriers to End-of-Life Discussions
American Cancer Society Updates Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines for Women at Average Risk
In the Literature – November 2015
80-Gene Assay Identifies Distinct Triple-Positive Breast Cancer Subtypes, Guides Therapy Selection
Men’s Health Supplements Have No Value for Patients with Prostate Cancer
Value-Based Oncology Center of Excellence Model
Chemotherapy Safe During Pregnancy in Second and Third Trimesters
Consuming ?4 Cups of Coffee Improves Outcomes in Patients with Stage III Colon Cancer
Aprepitant Improves Emesis Control in Patients with Colorectal Cancer
Systemic Therapy plus Radiofrequency: Ablation Survival Benefit in Colorectal Liver Metastases
Ramucirumab Confers Survival Benefit in Some Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Screening in Younger First-Degree Relatives of Patients with CRC
MRI Screening of Women at Average Risk for Breast Cancer Improves Detection
Significant Benefits Seen with 2 New Options for Patients with Renal-Cell Carcinoma
The NCCN New Tool to Assess Value Discourages Patients’ Hope
Oncology News – November 2015
FDA News – November 2015
Next-Generation Sequencing Propelling Forward Cancer Knowledge, Therapy
New Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening Still Not a Definitive Answer for Women Aged >40 Years
Everolimus, 177Lu-DOTATATE Potentially 2 Practice-Changing Options in NETs
NCCN Incorporates Affordability Criteria in Its Clinical Guidelines to Assess Value of Cancer Therapies
Value Proposition of Oncology Pharmaceuticals: Drug Manufacturers Increasing Focus on Patient Support
In the Literature – October 2015
Current Practice Least Cost-Effective Option in Prostate Cancer Management
Whole-Brain Radiotherapy for Brain Metastases Is Cost-Effective
Using Genetics to Guide Pembrolizumab Therapy in CRC
NEXT Study: Biosimilar Filgrastim an Effective Alternative for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia
Atezolizumab: Another Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer?
ASCO’s Value Framework: Is It All About the Drugs?
FDA News – October 2015
An Accountable Payment Model a “Win-Win-Win” Solution to Value-Based Care
Breaking Bad News to Patients with Cancer: Oncologists’ Emotional Burden and Need for Support Systems
AstraZeneca Commentary on Oncology Value Tools
Patients with Early Breast Cancer and Low Oncotype DX Scores Can Skip Chemotherapy
Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation Safe in Patients with Breast Cancer
Oncology Medical Home Accreditation by Community Oncology Alliance Making Progress
Oncology Specialty Pharmacy Promotes the Coordination of Care
PROCLAIM Study Fails to Identify Best Regimen for Locally Advanced Lung Cancer
Challenges in Treating Multiple Myeloma and the Impact of New Oral Oncolytics
SELECT: Lenvatinib Improves Outcomes as First-Line Treatment in Older Patients with Thyroid Cancer
Immunotherapies Steal the Show at ASCO 2015
Patients with Cancer Eager to Discuss Costs of Care with Their Oncologists
In the Literature – September 2015
Medical and Psychosocial Impact of Oral Therapy on Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
“Designer Drug” Rociletinib Shows Encouraging Results in Patients with NSCLC and T790M Mutation