Aetna Announced First Patient-Centered Medical Home in Oncology

Jayson Slotnik, JD, MPH

February 2014, Vol 5, No 1 - Value Propositions

Late last year, Aetna, together with Consultants in Medical Oncology and Hematology, launched the first patient-centered medical home for oncology. This collaborative program is based on evidence-based decision support in cancer care, using personalized medicine and realigning payment structure with the goal of increasing patient treatment coordination, improving quality outcomes, and reducing overall costs of cancer care.

“Given the frequency of contact, oncologists are in a prime position to help their patients navigate the health care system to get appropriate and aligned treatment for all of their conditions. Helping a patient coordinate care for an underlying heart condition while being treated for prostate cancer is the right thing to do,” said Michael Kolodziej, MD, FACP, National Medical Director for Oncology Strategies at Aetna, and Value-Based Cancer Care editorial board member. Because the majority (>50%) of all new patients diagnosed with cancer are aged ≥65 years, many of them have comorbid conditions that are not related to their cancer. Therefore, coordinating the care for all their medical needs, not only cancer, can improve their overall outcomes. Aetna Press Release; November 14, 2013