Healthcare Decision Makers’ Perspectives on Improving Care Quality, Controlling Costs

September 2013, Vol 4, No 7 - Value Propositions

The following quotes were assembled from interviews and news coverage by FierceHealthFinance, revealing healthcare decision makers’ value-
based perspectives on some of the main problems currently facing providers and the US healthcare system:

  • “You can bankrupt an organization very quickly if you don’t understand your patient population.”—Tina Buop, CIO, La Clínica de la Raza, Oakland, CA
  • “We are spending gazillions of dollars and we don’t have interoperability.”—Marc Probst, CIO, Intermountain Healthcare
  • “All of the care coordination in the world does not amount to a hill of beans if patients go home and they don’t take their medications.”—Will Shrank, MD, Harvard Medical School
  • “The people who really consume those services are the physicians. So you have physicians who, with a stroke of their pen, can make or break a hospital.”—Brent James, Chief Quality Officer and Executive Director, Institute for Health Care Delivery Research, Intermountain Healthcare. FierceHealthFinance; August 9, 2013