Small but Positive Reductions in Some Cancer Death Rates

June 2011, Vol 2, No 3 - Value Propositions

A new report published in March in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2011;103:714-736) shows slow but consistent reductions in some cancer types in men and women between 2003 and 2007, the most recent years for which data are available.

Reductions in men include –2.5% in lung/bronchus cancer; –3.3% in prostate cancer; –3.2% in colon/rectal cancer; and –0.9% in leukemia.

In women, reductions were –0.9% in lung/bronchus cancer; –2.2% in breast cancer; –3.2% in colon/rectal cancer; and –1.7% in ovarian cancer. Pancreatic cancer increased in both sexes.