Value-Based Cancer Care Issues

October 2010, Vol 1, No 5

Guiding Patients Through Cost-Based Treatment Choices


Having a conversation with patients about the cost benefit of their cancer treatments is difficult, and many clinicians are unprepared for this discussion. Fortunately, however, resources are becoming available to help clinicians aid patients in determining how much they are [ Read More ]

Real-World Decision Makers Decry Information Provided


Atlanta, GA—A plenary session billed as a “candid discussion with medical and pharmacy directors” on the value of health economics research in real-world decision-making proved to be all that and more, with several of the managed care medical directors on [ Read More ]

Improving Health Economics Research


How would you respond to complaints on the utility of health economics research? It is true that some branches of academic economics sometimes value theoretical insights and technical details over pragmatic results that can be broadly applied. However, most of [ Read More ]

Value Propositions


Stopping Hospice Care Boosts Healthcare Costs Care costs for patients who disenrolled from hospice care were nearly 5 times higher than for patients who remained with hospice, a new study finds (J Clin Oncol. 2010;28:4371-4375). Medicare data from 90,826 patients [ Read More ]