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Stakeholders may agree on some things, such as whether another COVID-19 relief stimulus bill will pass Congress and receive presidential approval before the November election or in the lame duck session, and disagree on others, such as whether moderate or progressive Democrats will be driving the healthcare bus in the Senate if that party takes control back in January 2021. However, there is no doubt that the experts who participated in the October 13 kickoff session of the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) 10th Annual Summit delivered a packed 90 minutes of health policy insights you won’t find anywhere else.

In the lively web-based discussion, moderated by Jayson Slotnik, JD, Managing Partner with Health Policy Strategies, panelists addressed a range of topics, including the short-term and long-term prospects for the continued suspension of Medicare sequestration; oncologists’ concerns regarding increasing utilization management tactics; prospects for reform of the 340B drug discount program; the potential future of President Trump’s “most favored nation” executive order linking prices for drugs in Medicare Part B to no more than the prices paid by a basket of other developed countries; and the promised $200 drug gift cards for seniors on Medicare Part D.

What cancer care stakeholders can expect from Washington in 2021 depends on who is in power—who resides in the White House and whether Democrats can retake the Senate. Will the filibuster be eliminated? Will Medicare Parts B and D finally undergo reforms such as eliminating the “donut hole” and imposing a patient out-of-pocket maximum? What will the Democrats’ approach to stabilizing the Affordable Care Act look like? To learn what experts have to say on these issues and more, register for the AVBCC Summit and get access to all 45-plus sessions worth of content over the next 10 weeks.

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