Interview with the Innovators

Challenges in Treating Multiple Myeloma and the Impact of New Oral Oncolytics

September 2015, Vol 6, No 8 - Interview with the Innovators

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a difficult cancer to treat as it is heterogeneous in nature. Each line of therapy pre­sents many choices for physicians and their patients, making it challenging to know which treatment is best for that particular patient. However, having “too many” choices may ultimately be a good problem to have, and research is under way to provide answers for those in this community in need of direction. The current era in MM might be seen as the beginning of a “golden age” of sorts for those in MM research and drug development, with new options for patients on the horizon. [ Read More ]

Confirming Diagnoses and Identifying Biomarkers Linked to Targeted Treatments with the bioT3 Approach

April 2015, Vol 6, No 3 - Interview with the Innovators

The current generation of oncologists has witnessed great advances in our understanding of tumor biology and biomarkers linked to treatments. Those advances started with research, but disseminating this information can be difficult given the myriad of obstacles in adoption to practice. The science behind these advances is fascinating and excites those in medicine with the possibility of providing meaningful, life-altering care to patients. But still there exists the reality of the vetting of each new discovery, starting with niche use among the early users, before it gets adopted more broadly. [ Read More ]