Value Propositions

Value Propositions – June 2015

June 2015, Vol 6, No 5 - Value Propositions

  • Value-Based Drug Pricing a New Target for a Large PBM Company in Its Negotiations with Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Prenatal Blood Test Can Also Detect Cancer in Pregnant Women, Potentially in Other Populations
  • Myxoma, a Virus Found in Rabbits, Prevents GVHD in Bone Marrow Transplant While Destroying Cancer Cells
  • First-in-Class Inducer of the KLF4 Gene Receives FDA Designation as Orphan Drug
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Value Propositions – October 2014

October 2014, Vol 5 , No 8 - Value Propositions

Medicare Begins Coverage of Only FDA-Approved Noninvasive Stool DNA Test for Colorectal Cancer
NCI Launches Study of Exceptional Responders to Cancer Therapies: A New Phase in Precision Medicine?
New Collaboration on Novel Immunotherapy Vaccine May Revolutionize Lung Cancer Treatment
Mechanism of Action of Low-Dose Aspirin in Reducing Cancer Mortality Identified [ Read More ]