James T. Kenney, RPh, MBA

Mr Kenney is Pharmacy Operations Manager, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Wellesley, MA

Authored Items

New End Points Create Novel Challenges for Health Plans in Oncology Drug Management

July 2011, Vol 2, No 4 - Commentary

The management of complex oncology drugs in pharmacy and in medical benefits presents unique challenges for all parties who seek cost-effective, positive clinical outcomes for patients with cancer. New therapies are offering the exciting prospect of improved outcomes, prolonged life, and, in some cases, a cure for specific diseases. Targeted oncolytics and pharmacogenomics, which carry the promise of improved likelihood of successful treatment, have become welcome additions to the current standards of care. [ Read More ]

The Challenge of Balancing Access to and Paying for New, High-Cost Cancer Therapies

August 2016, Vol 7, No7, Special Issue: Payers’ Perspectives in Oncology - Payer's Perspective

Many significant and interesting topics highlighted at ASCO 2016 are discussed in this publication, covering clinical, safety, and economic issues related to cancer therapies. The challenge for health plans and other insurers is to balance the need to provide reasonable and appropriate patient access to new therapies and the ability to pay for them, because many new cancer treatments are designed for orphan diseases and are launched into the market at extremely high costs.

[ Read More ]

Health Plans Must Monitor the Oncology Pipeline to Apply Appropriate Coverage Criteria, Maintain Treatment Value

February 2017, Vol 8, No 1 - Payer's Perspective

The 2016 American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting provided insight into new treatment options and mechanism of action choices for hematologic cancers. Health plans need to continue to expand their knowledge and expertise in all cancer types to maintain the ability to manage and apply coverage criteria appropriately as FDA approvals continue to increase in oncology. [ Read More ]