Craig Deligdish, MD

Authored Items

Transforming Cancer Care by Controlling Costs and Improving Outcomes

March 2013, Vol 4, No 3 - From the Editor

Value Based Cancer Care (VBCC) was first published in May 2010, and the first annual meeting of the Association of Value-Based Cancer Care took place in May 2011. During the past 3.5 years, this publication and its annual meeting have provided a forum for stakeholders to address important issues that impact the value proposition facing patients with cancer, providers, and payers in an open and challenging fashion. Both the annual meeting and VBCC have focused on a dialogue around strategies for optimizing value in cancer care delivery.

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Popularizing Cancer as a Topic of Public Discourse

June 2013, Vol 4, No 5 - From the Editor

Chief Medical Officer, Oncology Resource Networks, and Editor-In-Chief, Value-Based Cancer Care

With the Third Annual Con­ference of the Associ­ation for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) held in May in Florida and the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology concluding in June in Chicago, it is tempting to consider which of the many presentations, abstracts, and reports were most impactful or will have the greatest influence on how oncologists think about, diagnose, and treat patients with cancer.

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Consolidation in Cancer Care Delivery System: The Impact on Quality and Cost

July 2013, Vol 4, No 6 - From the Editor

Chief Medical Officer, Oncology Resource Networks, and Editor-in-Chief, Value-Based Cancer Care

The past several years have seen significant consolidation in the healthcare industry. The cost of healthcare in the United States is currently estimated to be 18% of the gross domestic product (GDP), and the costs are projected to increase disproportionately to the GDP during the next decade.1 Healthcare reform has accelerated consolidation and will likely continue to drive consolidation in many markets across the country.

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How Will We Pay for Cancer Care in 2018?

September 2013, Vol 4, No 7 - From the Editor

Just this month, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a report titled “Delivering High-Quality Can­cer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis.”1 This consensus report convened a committee of experts to examine the quality of cancer care in the United States and formulate recommendations for its improvement. The committee came to a number of conclusions and made 10 recommendations for the purpose of improving what it described as a system in “crisis,” which is associated with rising costs and growing demand.

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The Cost of End-of-Life Care in Oncology

November 2013, Vol 4, No 9 - From the Editor

The recent Institute of Medicine report “Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis” addressed the important issues of delivering high-quality cancer care, including end-of-life care.1 Given that for many patients cancer can be a terminal illness, the cost of end-of-life care in oncology has recently been a significant focus for public and private payers.

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Is the Promise of Health Information Technology More than a Hope and a Prayer? This Year at HIMSS

March 2014, Vol 5, No 2 - From the Editor

At the end of February, I had the opportunity to attend the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)14 Annual Conference, which was held in Orlando, FL. Attended by more than 30,000 committed vendors, healthcare administrators, providers, politicians, scientists, and others, the meeting provided a great deal of insight into the health information community’s past accomplishments, the present state of the art, and expectations for the future. [ Read More ]