Burt Zweigenhaft, BS

Managing Partner, Upstream Partners
Co-Founder and Chairman, AVBCC

Authored Items

Introducing the Third Annual Conference of the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care

March 2013, Vol 4, No 3 - AVBCC 2013 3rd Annual Conference

As we know, the American healthcare system is going through exorbitant changes, changes that will affect all providers and all stakeholders in the cancer care ecosystem. The goal of the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) is to bring together all the cancer care stakeholders in one unified meeting to discuss the many issues facing us today. One of the main objectives of the AVBCC Annual Conference is to be able to map out and help guide our members and attendees through the various changes in the US healthcare system.

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By Looking Back, We Learn to Look Forward

August 2015, Vol 6, No 7 - From the Editor

My personal journey to understanding and experiencing up close and personal the complexities in cancer care started some 20 years ago, when, like many of us, someone extremely close to you gets the dreaded news, “you have cancer.” For me, this was my mom. Regretfully, as we grow older, we all continue to hear this dreadful tale more frequently. These events have transformed my career over time to turn it into a mission—improving cancer care and seeking the cure. [ Read More ]

My Struggle to Understand the Many Definitions of Value

September 2015, Vol 6, No 8 - From the Editor

I believe that the dialogue and thoughts being shared and expressed by all cancer care stakeholders is exactly what we need today. Frankly, the conversation has been underground far too long, but the headlines today have been focused solely on the drug cost. Anyone thinking that cancer care costs are going to go down, simply doesn’t understand healthcare economics, because the cost to society will continue to go up over time, with true innovation and value delivered. [ Read More ]